Adult services

An “adult service” is any service where the content or product is of a clearly sexual nature, or any service for which the associated promotional material is of a clearly sexual nature, or indicates directly, or implies that the service is of a sexual nature.
An “adult content service” is any service for the provision of content which has been classified as suitable only for persons 18 years or older by an appropriate body (such as the Film and Publications Board), or content reasonably likely to be so classified.
Required practices


Any adult service must be clearly indicated as such in any promotional material and advertisement, and must contain the words “18+ only”.
Promotions for adult services must be in context with the publication or other media in which they appear. Services should be in context with the advertising material promoting them. The content of a service should not be contrary to the reasonable expectation of those responding to the promotion.
Members must take reasonable steps to ensure that only persons of 18 years of age or older have access to adult content services. Reasonable steps may include the customer confirming his or her age prior to or as part of initiating the service.
Marketing messages (including commercial messages) may no longer be sent to a customer of an adult service if that customer has not made use of the service during the preceding three months. This is to prevent the accidental marketing of such services to children as a result of a recycled telephone number.
A marketing message sent to initiate or re-initiate adult services may not:
  1. include any graphical or photographic content that includes full frontal images or portrayal of intimate parts of the body; or
  1. include any words or phrases that may be considered profane, including common popular or slang terms for excretory functions, sexual activity and genitalia; or
  1. include any links to any content described in (a) or (b).
Prohibited practices
Adult services must not contain references that suggest or imply the involvement of children.
Promotions for adult services must not appear in publications or other media specifically targeted at children.


“child” refers to a natural person under 18 years of age.
“Children’s services” are those which, either wholly or in part, are aimed at, or would reasonably be expected to be particularly attractive to children.
Promotional competitions
Promotional competitions that are aimed at, or would reasonably be expected to be particularly attractive to children must not offer cash prizes and must not feature long or complex rules.
Subscription services
Subscription services must not be intentionally targeted at children.
Prohibited practices
Children’s services must not contain anything that is likely to result in harm to children or which exploits their credulity, lack of experience or sense of loyalty.
Children’s services must not include anything that a reasonable parent would not wish their child to hear or learn about in this way.
Children’s services must not involve an invasion of privacy of any child.
Children’s services must not unduly encourage children to ring or procure other premium rate services or the same service again.
Advertising for children’s services must not make use of adult themes or adult material.